2d world generator

Available in the unity asset store here: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/2d-world-generator-133922

Bootstrap your 2D Game project with this world generator!

This 2D world generator offer you a procedurally generated world, based on some parameters that you are free to set as you wish to have results according to your own game experience. Here is some of the feature it offers.


Threaded world generator

Allow you to process other things in the background, preventing unity to hang or being unresponsive meanwhile generating the world.


Object pooling Renderer

Render nearly infinite map size thanks to an object pooling rendering allowing you to always have the same performance regarding of the map size! (beware: The larger the map, the longer the time to generate it).


Basic camera movement

The world generator come with a basic camera movement and zoom / unzoom using the object pooling system.

Unlimited zLevels

Use as many layers as you need when creating your world and placing your objects!


Lots of customization options

The world generator script comes with a lot of options for you to create easily your own worlds (Sea level, amount of deserts, forests, rivers, elevation, and much more!).


Easy to use in your game

The world grid consist of 1 array with 1 dimension for each layer you need. You can easily populate this array with any king of objects you want. The engine use a “smart” naming, allowing you to add any kind of terrain you want as long as it is properly named in your tileset.


Assets included

Some assets are included, those are a modified version of the Kenney roguelike assets (available here: https://kenney.nl/assets). The tileset is one image, which can be easily replaced, and use naming convention to conveniently setup your own version of the map. The tileset allow unity to generate sprite atlas and therefore optimizing the rendering performances.


Accept any PPU value

The PPU (pixel per unit value) can be set up as an option from the script, it comes with a 16×16 tileset but can use any PPU value (32×32, 48×48, 96×96 etc…)


Seed system

Each map is generated based on a seed you can keep in order to get the exact same result. You can set up the generator to use a random seed or the seed you want!



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