World generator available!

Available in the unity asset store here:

Bootstrap your 2D Game project with this world generator!

This isometric world generator offer you a procedurally generated world, based on some parameters that you are free to set as you wish to have results according to your own game experience. Here is some of the feature it offers.

Threaded world generator

Allow you to process other things in the background, preventing unity to hang or being unresponsive meanwhile generating the world.

Object pooling Renderer

Render nearly infinite map size thanks to an object pooling rendering allowing you to always have the same performance regarding of the map size! (beware: The larger the map, the longer the time to generate it).

Basic camera movement

The world generator come with a basic camera movement and zoom / unzoom using the object pooling system.

World generation loading UI

A basic customizable loading UI for your world generation that can be removed by just disabling the corresponding script.

Lots of customization options

The world generator script comes with a lot of options for you to create easily your own worlds (Sea level, amount of deserts, forests, rivers, elevation, and much more!).

Easy to use in your game

The world grid consist of 2 arrays one for the terrain and another one for the objects on the maps (trees as included), you can easily use those arrays to include any kind of interaction you wish.

Z-index levels ready to use!

Z-index level handling in an isometric game is a pain to handle, that’s why the world generator automatically create z-indexes value for each cell and object, making it extremely easily to add your character to the world and have proper z-index hierarchy. Nothing to do, just use the objects array!

Assets included

Some assets are included, those are a modified version of the Kenney isometric assets (available here: They are divided by tile and therefore can be easily replaced by your own assets. Due to the assets licence, you are free to reuse it in your own projects as well.